Managed Digital Services

OneSource can provide complete turnkey Managed Digital Services (MDS), including managed device services, web-based application hosting and digital device monitoring, or we can streamline the process for customers getting started on their own in-house hosting efforts. These services are segmented into two separate and unique offerings: Hosted Digital Services (HDS) which can include Software as a Service (SaaS) and Remote Monitoring Services (RMS).

Hosted Digital Services (HDS)

HOSTEDDIGITALSERVICESHosted Digital Services (HDS) and/or Software as a Service (SaaS) can be the solution for you if you want your kiosk, digital signage or digital directory project to be implemented swiftly and in the most cost effective manner. These offerings implies installing and running applications and or digital management framework (KioWare Enterprise) on third party server instead of your local network. Hosted Digital Services can be the answer to your vertical market application or enterprise digital device network, as the solution we provide enables you to reduce application operation and total cost of ownership (TCO) and realize a quicker return on investment (ROI).Hosted Digital Services allows you to focus on your business, any business, no matter the size or industry. Our managed digital services saves resources in terms of finances, manpower as well as diversion of strategic focus so that the core business interests are the main focus area not the IT infrastructure management. In a way, Hosted Digital Services takes over the burden of managing your digital device network, whether it is one unit or one hundred units, we can take the day-to-day device management off your hands.

Remote Monitoring Services (RMS)

MONITORINGOneSource manages and maintains a sophisticated remote monitoring server to provide complete remote content management, proactive monitoring, and usage analysis for your kiosk, digital signage or digital directory network. Remote monitoring software greatly simplifies the management of your deployed kiosk network. It essentially functions as an information control center to and from the network, providing:

  • Real-time information on machine health & immediate status alerts if a kiosk needs attention (inbound information)
  • Sales & usage data reports to quantify transaction data (ROI). Collection and analysis of this transaction data provides baseline measurements of project success, essential for initial “Proof of Concept” deployments and beyond (inbound)
  • Instant content updates to the network when new features / patches are rolled out (outbound)

OneSource Remote Monitoring Services (RMS) combines powerful remote monitoring software with a Network Operations Center (NOC) to provide:

  • Simple management of multiple types of devise and interfaces
  • Scheduled or pushed user interface updates
  • Patch management for systems
  • Notification and coordination with designated field service engineer
  • Usage analysis, kiosk event history, and statistical reports for ROI
  • Monitoring of various peripheral devices (ex. printer / paper low)
  • Remote desktop access
  • Diagnostic and network event alerts by email or SMS
  • Coordinated updates to groups of kiosks on programmed basis
  • Design of custom reporting and alert services
  • Complete selection of pro-active monitoring/service packages by technicians

Technical Services & Support (TSS)

wrenchOneSource routinely provides complete help desk and field based services for its regional customers and we have developed a strong international services partner network that has extensive experience in field service, project & process management and logistics. Through our partnerships, we provide customers, deployers and end users in all vertical markets a reliable and trustworthy partner. We offer a turnkey solution that specializes in “local” technicians managed by a customer focused high quality process with reporting and metrics. For National Rollout Installations, Field Service, Preventative Maintenance and Logistics / Warehousing we have the right services solution for you.


Pristine-Screen (Screen Clean Revolution)​

Pristine-Screen are your screen care specialists providing 3 levels of expert managed service to keep your screen clean, shiny and protected.​  Our advanced packages offer the best in screen care and preventative maintenance for your digital displays no matter what the environment they are in.​

Clean, Shine and Protect with Pristine-Screen


Strategic Consulting (Your Ideas, Our Expertise)

COMPASSOneSource is a turnkey solutions provider that focuses on just one primary solution base, interactive self-service technology. We are interactive, self-service kiosk and digital media experts, have extensive knowledge and experience, have developed, and deployed numerous interactive self-service programs over years for a wide range of clients in virtually every vertical market. We take a common sense approach and focus on the entire project in a 360° view, so you can focus on your core business.

So why is this important? Perhaps you have never done a complete interactive self-service or digital media project, you may not have the technical, operational or project management experience in house, or you may just not have the bandwidth to properly plan and implement a self-service project. This is where we come in; OneSource brings you a single or OneSource for everything, we partner and work closely with you and your internal team on the entire project, from start to finish. Let us bring our experience in design, engineering, prototyping, production, hardware, software, deployment and services to assist you and your organization with your next successful interactive self-service project.

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