EuroTouch Kiosks

EuroTouch_LogoEuroTouch Kiosks offers the world’s most contemporary and highest quality kiosks and dynamic signage products in the industry. We offer a comprehensive series of indoor and outdoor kiosk and dynamic signage products for the most design-conscious clients and from the most elegant environments to the most demanding environments. EuroTouch means design, quality and service!

EuroTouch has development a close, strategic relationship with Europe’s premier kiosk and digital signage design and manufacturing company, Rosendahl (conceptkiosk). EuroTouch is the exclusive North American distribution partner and turnkey kiosk and digital signage solution provider for Rosendahl and the industry recognized line of quality and contemporary kiosks and digital signage products.

The Rosendahl Company has a long and faithful tradition for development and production within the advertising and signage market. The Company is built on values of craftsmanship as well as industrial production, unified in high quality, creativity and foresight.

In 2003 the first Rosendahl conceptkiosk prototypes were developed to the extent where advanced and repeatable production became possible. The development continued as a refined process both in regard to existing kiosk and digital signage production models and newly developed concepts.

Over the past six years, both organizations have invested considerable time and resources in design, development, production and channel distribution and the result today is a salient and unique line of products comprising kiosks and digital signage products for virtually every purpose: both indoor as well as outdoor and in a timeless and streamlined design with easy access and serviceability. We are now on the third generation product line and the latest version of our kiosk and digital signage products are superior to any products available in the market today.

The original concepts and designs are constantly being developed, refined and adapted with the aim of supplying the market with industries most contemporary and highest quality products and turnkey solutions. We continually enhance our organization with the purpose of fulfilling the demands a modern information society in fast development in respect to high quality, service and design.

At EuroTouch and Rosendahl we all feel we are prepared for the many and exciting challenges the future may bring and look forward to providing our expertise, products and the best service possible to all our clients.