Flexi Midi


The FlexiMidi is a universal kiosk terminal with a wide range of user applications. The FlexiMidi has very slim lines; softened edges and a superior finish ensure a first-class appearance. The customizable, interchangeable front panels and variable color ways offer sufficient individual design possibilities to accommodate any and every customer requirement. The internal workings of the FlexiMidi offer numerous options when it comes to the variable integration of additional components, enabling the unit to be adapted perfectly to the customer’s technical requirements.


Please find the standard and optional features below, any additional specifications and drawings are available upon request..

  • Width: 20.5″
  • Height: 63.5″

  • Enclosure: Special anodized aluminum profile
  • Monitor Frame: Aluminum, powder painted
  • Front panel: Anodized aluminum
  • Footplate: Powder painted steel

Standard Components:
  • Monitor: 19″ TFT, Resolution 1280 x 1024
  • Mounting bracket for standard SFF or USFF PC Chasis
  • Incl. 120V AC power

Special Features:
  • Touch monitor: 17” or 19” ELO touch monitor with Intellitouch
  • Keyboard: IP65 metal keyboard in stainless steel with trackball or
  • black plastic keyboard with track pad
  • PC-Controller: As required
  • Sound: 2 x10 Watt speakers, totally integrated
  • Printer: 60 or 80 mm thermal printer
  • Network: As required – LAN, WLAN or power line-adapter.
  • RFID- Reader: Wireless Reader (placed below the monitor)






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