Our Partners

EuroTouch Kiosks is experiencing a large expansion world wide. We therefore seek Partners to manage sales, marketing and distribution of our kiosks and digital signage world wide.

A possible cooperation with our company shall be guided with the following salient key-words about our coming partner:

  • Competence.
  • Adequate resources to secure full service during the start up.
  • Adequate resources for marketing ad customer support.
  • Independence.
  • Experience in pro-active marketing.
  • Branch and general sales experience.
  • A well esteemed and well organized network.

Should the above mentioned key-words involved be a valued and integrated part of your company, we urge you to fill in the partner form or contact us using the following mail address:


Current Partners

Design & Manufacturing

Rosendahl / Conceptkiosk


Managed Digital Services

OneSource Interactive


Software, Application & Content

KioWare Kiosk Software




System Integrator / VAR

Avitecture, Inc.

Design and Production Inc.

OneSource Interactive

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