Water World Self-Service Locker Kiosk Decrease Wait Time & RFID

Water World Kiosk Project Background

Hyland Hills Water World is the largest community owned and operated outdoor waterpark in the United States.  Located in Denver, Colorado, Hyland Hills Water World has over 46 water adventures on 64 acres of land.  In identifying opportunities to improve the guest experience, Park Manager Bob Owens found that (like most amusement parks), the majority of guests arrive during the park’s first few operating hours.  This leads to congested lines at the origination of the guest experience.

Water World worked with Precision Dynamics Corporation (PDC) to install a PDC Smart® RFID Wristband Kiosk that enables self-service transactions and distribution of Water World lockers rentals.  The kiosk was installed with the purpose and expectation of decreasing the long locker rental line without requiring additional attendants to provide service.

Read more about Water World and PDC Smart RFID Wristband Kiosk, go to Case Study from KioWare – http://bit.ly/1knvwoG 


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