URway has developed an enterprise digital platform and partnered with the best international companies to offer complete, turnkey interactive solutions that are best in breed. We leverage our extensive industry experience and are continually examining the market to offer our clients a carefully selected group of quality and contemporary self-service kiosk and digital display, digital directory, mobile and tablet products and services.

Enterprise Software / Framework

Dynamic Digital Framework (DDF)

The new URway Dynamic Digital Framework (DDF) is a robust, cross platform, enterprise based dynamic digital framework utilizing KioWare Enterprise Server, the Industry standard for kiosk application security, management and monitoring deployments. The DDF code is entirely written in JavaScript and HTML 5 and this simple, yet powerful digital framework currently runs on both Windows and Android platforms and supports a wide variety of deployment and application environments and numerous software and hardware configurations.


Directory Software

Digital Directory Software (DDS)

The URway Digital Directory Software (DDS) application is a full-featured web based directory solution that provides both interactive and passive digital directory systems. The DDS application runs within DDF on our the KioWare Enterprise Server framework and supports features like web based admin, canvas design, drag and drop mapping, advanced contact features, remote monitoring, usage statistics and reports. The Dynamic Digital Framework (DDF) and Digital Directory System (DDS) module is a robust enterprise engine for deployments of all sizes.


These new dynamic digital display and digital directory applications build on DDF offer advanced features, flexible hardware support, simple licensing model, Software as a Service (SaaS) option through URway MDS, custom application and content development, incredible standard features, all at very competitive price.

Kiosk Software

KioWare Kiosk

KioWare enables you to deploy web applications to a kiosk and add a whole host of kiosk features without having to reprogram or make changes to the web application. KioWare targets full featured, stand-alone or networked, kiosks that may have application software designed specifically to use KioWare features or requires remote server functionality such as remote monitoring, usage statistics uploading or local content updating.

Survey Software


Digivey Survey Software by Creoso has earned a reputation as an authority in interactive paperless surveys, quizzes and assessments by pioneering the development of multimedia enhanced, multi-cultural, multi-modal touch screen and online surveys that enhance the respondents’ experience and provide the research professional with more and higher quality data gathered either directly at the point of experience or online. Surveys, quizzes and assessments powered by Digivey help businesses and organizations to leverage the full power of interactive surveys anytime, anywhere. The Digivey Survey Software is packed with features designed to engage with customers on a new exciting level.

Custom Application Development & Content

Application Development & Content Application Development & Content Application Development & Content Application Development & Content Application Development & Content Application Development & Content Application Development & Content Application Development & Content Application Development & Content.
URway is a turnkey solutions provider and through our internal resources and strong partnerships, we offer complete kiosk, digital display, digital directory and mobile/tablet solutions. Our content creation and design teams help you strengthen and enhance your brand by seamlessly blending web and rich media content with proven kiosk and digital display technology that separates and distinguishes your message and drives your business goals.

  • Best-practices kiosk application and user interface design
  • Digital signage display templates
  • Flash and multimedia development
  • Custom software and application development
  • Content Gallery

Mobility is Power

Today you need to leverage mobile technologies for employees and customers with applications from text messaging, social media to cell phone driven dynamic digital signage. From Android, iPhone and iPad applications that provide a guided selling experience to solutions enabling customers and sales assistants to dynamically control and manage in-store media, URway provides a platform to extend your reach and put the power in the palm of the hand.

Windows, Android & iPad Development

URway brings Windows, Android and iPad into its reach of dynamic user experiences for both customers and employees. Windows, Android and iPad platform applications combined with our Enterprise server, provides both highly engaging user experiences, as well as the web-based administration tools to remotely manage and update content versus writing and updating apps from scratch. Windows, Android and iPad platforms have rich multi-touch user interface, large screens, WiFi and 3G connectivity, and attractive price points make them ideal platforms for a number of in-store and back-of-house applications.