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The new iCover series digital display enclosures are perfect for our Dynamic Digital Framework (DDF).  The iCover series is wall mounted in landscape or portrait and is perfect for any indoor display application or even directory.  If you have a commercial property, healthcare facility, higher education or retail facility, one of these slim, contemporary iCover series digital display enclosure is perfect, and is an excellent choice for small, medium to large offices, lobbies, building foyers and virtually all public spaces.
The iCover series is a simple two piece enclosure system, designed to leverage the standard Philips “Signage Solutions” line of digital displays from 32″ – 55″ and has our standard NUC (i3) PC / Player and or standard Android player completely integrated.
The iCover is simple yet elegant design and is so simple it can be installed by anyone .  With our straight forward mounting instructions, the iCover ships to you ready to mount the wall and engage your customers and guests.  Upgrade to the optional touch screen monitors from Philips and Sharp and you can also use the iCover as a digital alternative to traditional, old style, permanently static, directory boards and signs.
Install a Digital Directory in your building lobby, foyer or entrance and combine it with our Dynamic Digital Framework (DDF) Interactive Digital Directory System (iDDS) visitor and quest management application to quickly search for tenants by name, company or site location; display floor plans and maps; display messages, RSS and web feeds, and even advertising content with complete scheduling.  Our Digital Directory solutions allow you to remotely and dynamically schedule and publish information and updates for any digital display with ease using a simple browser based DDF / iDDS management admin interface.

  • Commercial Digital Display
  • Industrial Micro PC/Player
  • Power & Data Integration
  • All Metal (Aluminum Enclosure) Slim Kiosk Design, Powder Coated (Silver or Dark Gray), Security Screws

  • 32″, 42″,  46″/47″ & 55″ Display (More sizes in the works)
  • Wall Mount Portrait & Landscape
  • optional Touch Screen
  • Optional Speakers
  • Wireless
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Web Camera
  • Custom Powder Coat Colors






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