Sojourn Series


Sojourn Family

The Sojourn series modular kiosk platform is a revolutionary new modular design concept that continues to evolve and grow. The unique, modular design, clean vertical lines and simple configuration and assembly, makes any event, more engaging and a breeze to setup.

The modular lightweight design, quality aluminum construction and unique engineering, blend perfectly for a trade show, event, traveling exhibit, temporary or permanent deployment, it’s perfect for everything. In addition to this amazing new modular concept, the Sojourn kiosks require No tools for simple, quick set-up and breakdown.

The Sojourn’s modular design and expandable configuration options allows the flexibility to quickly configure the Sojourn kiosk. Determine how you need it today and with some simple upgrades, re-branding and you can configure and re-purpose the Sojourn for a new event tomorrow. Add the specially designed, reusable shipping container and you are ready for any event, anywhere in the world.

Soujourn Standard


Soujourn Lite

Sojourn lite

Sojourn lite dt

Soujourn Midi

Sojourn midi

Soujourn Maxi

Sojourn maxi

Soujourn Apex

Sojourn apex

Soujourn Apex

Sojourn apex ds

Sojourn apex deuce

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