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The Sojourn maxi is “the Big Boy” in the Sojourn series. With its large monitor support, inherent modular design, and expandable configuration options, provides flexibility to quickly configure the Sojourn kiosk for any need. Determine how you need it today and with some simple upgrades, rebrand, and configure the Sojourn for its new purpose tomorrow.

  • Supports 40″, 42″ and 46″ All-in-One Panel PC Touch Screens or PC/Player with Separate Touch Screen, like standard Elo 42”
  • Standard VESA Mounting
  • Aluminum Tube Construction with Steel Base
  • Thumb Screw Assembly (NO Tools)
  • Acrylic Graphics Panel (Center & Upper)

  • Acrylic Graphics Panel Wings (Left, Right or Both)
  • Tension Fabric Graphics Panels (Center, Left, Right or All)
  • Backlit Graphics Panel (Center)
  • Security Screw Assembly
  • Literature Holder
  • Valet Tray (Biz Cards)
  • Bar Code Scanner
  • Card Reader
  • RFID Reader
  • Reusable Shipping Container





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